Inazuma Red/Blue shoulder Embroidery Kumite Set
Inazuma Red/Blue shoulder Embroidery Kumite Set

Inazuma Red/Blue shoulder Embroidery Kumite Set

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The Inazuma is our lightest Kumite Gi ever at only 6oz.

Constructed from 100% polyester to offer a soft and ultra-lite solution that won’t compromise durability either in training or in competition.


WKF Approved

  • WKF Approved for use in all World Karate Federation sanctioned events. Only the highest quality equipment & apparel may earn this approval.
  • Belt not included, sold separately
  • Super light weight - 6oz
  • Two Jackets (one red, one blue) & one pants set

WKF sizing cut. Please note that our WKF Approved uniforms have a different cut from our Classic Student uniforms. The Kumite Gi and Senshi Gi cuts have longer jackets. The Kata Gi is a Japanese style cut with shorter and pant cuffs.



Lightning occurs when two electrically charged atmospheres work together to create an instant release of powerful energy. Enter the Inazuma Inspiration. The Inazuma Gi is crafted from two electrostatic zero-drag fabrics for lightning speed performance. The honeycomb material is engineered with remarkable strength whilst remaining silky smooth and comfortable through every wash. The ultra-lite check material provides 10% more stretch for increased range of motion and micro-holes for superior air flow.


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